Studio works, solo show

At Southern Buoy Gallery

Photo credit: @jackrydercannon

“This body of work comes from memories of my childhood in the suburbs of Barcelona and is based on the scenes surrounding me when I was painting murals over train rails. The suburb I remember was dominated by factory labourers and street culture, and by residential buildings surrounded by industrial estates. These works represent the vision of a child beginning to comprehend the lack of opportunity. Through these paintings, I began to more fully understand an important part of my life.“ — Morano, Painter.

“His latest series of large works speak both of chaos and of the restful places we all can find in this increasingly unpredictable world. The strength of colour and composition speak clearly of the link to his love and experience in
street art, where bright greens and reds have to find harmony amongst angular lines. Peacefu birds and pretty still life scenes find a common story with the blaring city scenery.” — Micah Mills, Southern Buoy Studios co-founder.

Morano. Copyright © 2021.
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Traditional lands of the
Boon Wurrung / Bunurong
people of the Kulin Nation.