Tancar x Obrir

Mural painting and installation in confinement

Antigues escoles de Palou, 1997

Photo credit: Loren Merchán
For many artists in urban centers, workspace availability represents a significant challenge. To underscore the need for creative working spaces in Catalonia’s City of Granollers, InCivics (a collective of emergent local artists) conceived Tancar x Obrir (Close x Open).

As a part of an agenda to reclaim urban spaces for the arts and to win support from council and other organisations, seven InCivics artists lived and created for four consecutive days inside the old school of Palou in Barcelona’s Vallès Oriental, an historic property that had stood unoccupied for many years. The much anticipated opening showcased the result of the collective’s four days of creative confinement, after which it remained open as a free exhibition for a month.

Morano’s outsized mural depicting a richly coloured and lavishly populated panorama covered the entire rear wall of the empty school, and featured a number of ephemeral sculptures created from materials found on site.

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Traditional lands of the
Boon Wurrung / Bunurong
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