Música per a Camaleons, InCivics

Granollers, 1999

Photo credit: Loren Merchán

Música per a camaleons, InCivics was an exhibition curated by Lluís Noguera and organised by Jaume Casacuberta for the Granollers Museum in which seven InCivics artists responded to a series of interview-based documentaries produced by Catalan TV — Channel 33.

Morano responded to an interview with Spanish psychiatrist and author Carlos Castilla del Pino, who is celebrated for his research on depression and human isolation, and for his fight to humanise the treatment of the mentally ill. The discussion centered around Pino’s latest publication, El delirio, un error necesario [Delerium, a necessary mistake].

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Photo credit:
Loren Merchán

The result, Vacío (Empty), was an ephemeral installation that drew a live audience directly into the artwork’s creation, while providing an emmersive experience of a compromised mental state. The project deployed light projections and a soundscape recording to accompany a fifty-minute multimedia painting performance.

Appearing to emerge in discrete frames from empty space, a twenty-one meter long mural created live onsite, and constructed to immitate the paneled sequencing of a comic book, depicted a subject’s progression through various modes of mental anguish towards an experience of emptiness and entropy.

The installation represents a chapter in Morano’s ongoing concern for the dignified treatment of those struggling with mental health.

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